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Writing S’mores: The Manual
Recipes for Writers of Every Age Who Want to Make MAGIC on a Page

The Writing Smores ManualFurlongrey Press, 2013.
ISBN: 978-0-9855923-3-2
Craft Book

Writing should be fun, resulting in something so delicious that readers will beg for more.

Writers don’t need to be blessed with the name Shakespeare in order to create something marvelous. We just need a plan, a roadmap to success based on a very special childhood treat, the S’more.

The recipe consists of four simple ingredients: two graham crackers (the crisp beginning and crunchy end), a premium chocolate bar (the themes that melt throughout), and three marshmallows (the three points of an argument or three acts of a narrative).

When mixed with basic craft techniques discussed within these pages, this never-fail formula can produce everything we’ll ever need to write, fiction or non-fiction. Writing S’mores offers a recipe for success for writers of all ages and stages.

Inside the Writing Manual

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