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S is for Star: A Christmas Alphabet

S is for Star: A Christmas Alphabet

Illustrated by Pam Carroll.
Sleeping Bear Press, 2004.

Picture Book

A is for Angels and Archangels
sparkling in robes of white,
Announcing the arrival of a newborn king,
singing Alleluia! On a starry night.

The letters of the Christmas alphabet describe the religious and secular traditions of Christmas around the world. Prose passages and rhymes make this a multi-age representation of the Christmas story. Accompanying scripture and commentary.

I love everything about Christmas: the traditions, the smells of evergreens and cookies baking, the laughter of children and friends gathered around a table, the tingle of excitement children experience on the eve of Santa’s visit.

Yet when I was a child, the holiday traditions confused me. Why were Santa and elves and reindeer at the mall and a baby in a manger, shepherds, and Wise Men in church? For decades I collected everything I came across about the holiday and stored them in a weighty file.

Initially I thought I’d have to write a chapter book to incorporate all I learned about Christmas cards and wreathes and baking and traditions, but I found that 26 letters of the alphabet could present the whole Christmas story, beginning with the Angels making an Announcement about the Birth of a Baby Boy.

This book became a BookSense 76 bestseller.


S is for Star

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