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The Purple Rose of Chelsea

The Purple Rose of Chelsea

University Lithoprinters, Inc. / Ann Arbor, MI  2016
ISBN: 978-0-9855923-5-6

Michigan Notable Book Nominee

“I had a dream to make new American plays – written by Michigan folks – available to theatergoers.  I wanted to give Michigan’s twenty-one-year-olds a chance to act in plays directed by local directors, on sets designed and lit by local experts.  We’ve done that here at the Rose – and I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished.

I want the Purple Rose to outlast me, to outlast Guy.  I want live theater to continue to have a place at the table many, many years from now.

I passed on the things I learned at the Circle Rep to Guy and Michelle, and in turn they have passed them on to generations of apprentices and actors.  I would love to think that in one hundred years, I’d still be able to come here, enjoy a play, and see the same commitment to quality theater.”  – Jeff Daniels

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