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What should I write about? How do I start? When will this writer’s block ever end? What’s a good beginning? What’s a good end? What goes in the middle?

Writing S’Mores Manual

The Writing Smores ManualWriting should be fun, resulting in something so delicious that readers will beg for more. Writers don’t need to be struck by lightning or blessed with the name Shakespeare in order to create something marvelous. We just need a plan, a road map to success based on a very special childhood treat, the S’more.

WRITING S’MORES: Recipes for Writers of Every Age Who Want to Make MAGIC on a Page relies on four simple ingredients, no matter what you’re writing: two graham crackers (the crisp and delicious beginning and crunchy end), a premium chocolate bar (the themes that melt throughout), and three marshmallows (the 3 points of an argument or 3 acts of a story or play).

When mixed with basic craft techniques, this never-fail formula can produce everything we’ll ever need to write or want to read–fiction or non-fiction. WRITING S’MORES is a recipe for success for writers of all ages and stages.

I learned so much from Cynthia’s workshop. I immediately put into practice the things she taught us and got instant results from my students. She has fabulous ideas that work in the classroom.
— Terry A. Snell, Teacher, School City of Mishawaka, Indiana


Cynthia is a gifted writer, teacher, facilitator, and an enthusiastic warm person. She makes writing fun and helps writers achieve impressive results.
— Judith Eassa, Member of Cedar Chips Writing Group, Dexter, Michigan


Writing S’Mores Workbook

The Writing Smores WorkbookResults. Success. Excitement. Fun. A Strong sense of satisfaction. That’s what we want when we sit in front of a keyboard or stand in front of a classroom encouraging students to write. We want to produce something so tempting, so tantalizing, and so delicious that our readers will beg for some more!

How do we get those results? Writing is a journey shared by an author, a teacher, and a reader–and like all journeys, the best ones are planned in advance, so nothing is left out or left to chance. We need to make certain that all the ingredients for a great trip (characters, places, times, themes, and means) are in place. As Cynthia Furlong Reynolds demonstrates in the WRITING S’MORES WORKBOOK, great writers are great chefs and skilled tour guides. They use two basic recipes–road maps–to start, continue, and complete every type of literary project–fiction or non-fiction.

The WRITING S’MORES WORKBOOK complements Reynolds’ manual WRITING S’MORES: Recipes for Writers of Every Age Who Want to Make MAGIC on a Page. With more than 1,000 writing prompts, exercises, and valuable advice from experts, the workbook is designed to help aspiring writers of all ages get immediate and positive results on paper or computer screens.

Cynthia, you made a very positive impression and have left us with a new awareness and more comprehensive “tool kit” to guide us as we support our adolescent writers. Thank you!
— Jan D. MacLean, Ph.D., Principal, Edwardsburg High School, Edwardsburg, Michigan


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"Cynthia has provided students and teachers alike significant opportunities to grow in their own writing skills through participation in book projects, Teachers as Writers Workshops, and Book Clubs. It is with much appreciation that I recommend Mrs. Furlong Reynolds’ work with both children and educators. She is a gift to us and will be to any group that chooses to employ her talents and gifts."

-- Pamela Layson, Ph.D., Principal, Liberty Elementary School, Mishawaka, Indiana

Emma's Letter
Emma's letter after Creative Writing Class

"When our school district partnered with Cynthia Furlong Reynolds, it could not have made a more brilliant move. We are seeing the results of our work with Cynthia in improved student writing, both in the classroom and on high-stakes tests. Ms.Reynolds has been a catalyst of great change in our school. Our children, even at first grade, write with fluency and quality, and our test scores continue to rise."

-- Jill Hassel, Ph.D., Principal, School City of Mishawaka, Indiana