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Fishing for Numbers: A Maine Number Book

Fishing for Numbers: A Maine Number Book

Illustrations by Jeannie Brett.
Sleeping Bear Press, 2007.
Picture Book

Maine is a place you can count on – while hearing the haunting call of the loon, hiking through the Eastern white pine forests, or enjoying a clambake at the beach while watching seals splash in the ocean.

Fishing for Numbers is packed with enough Maine facts, lore, and history to keep readers fishing for hours. Readers will learn why Maine is known for their shipbuilders, how fast a puffin can fly, and which is the only domestic cat native to North America. There is even a recipe for a traditional baked bean supper.


I had volumes of wonderful, intriguing information about Maine that I couldn’t squeeze into “L is for Lobster,” so it was a pleasure to have a second chance at writing a children’s book about my home state. Despite the format and the requirement to cover a lot of territory, alphabet and counting books offer readers glimpses of the authors and illustrators, as we make alphabetical selections of people, places, and things intriguing to us.


Fishing for Numbers

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