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St. Louis Center’s Multigenerational Mission

“The Lord sends us those fragile and abandoned brothers and sisters who, like the paralytic in the Bible, come crying out, ‘Lord, I have no one.'”

St. Louis Center

Photo by Mark Bialek

“Those words by Father Louis Guanella set the cornerstone of the St. Louis Center,” says Joe Yekulis as he and Father Enzo Addari stride across wide fields in Sylvan Township. On this spring morning, the public relations director and administrator of the fifty-five-year-old charity point to greening expanses where they hope to see group homes under construction one day soon. Off in the distance, children play on new swings near a new piazza filled with benches, picnic tables, basketball courts, and a jogging/bicycle path.

“We’re in the midst of a $10 million development campaign,” Yekulis says, adding proudly, “We’re already halfway there.”

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