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Personal Muses

Lining up Story Possibilities

Picking RasberriesYesterday I went raspberry picking on a picturesque farm on a day when the sun was shining brightly and autumn breezes were warning that harsh weather is eminent. A month ago, ripe berries clustered on most branches and a gallon of them dropped into my bucket almost effortlessly.

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Hunters with a Flashlight

Writer and DogOld-timers had to be scavengers to survive. They lived off the land, finding joy in discovering a May flower hidden by a cluster of leaves or a special fishing hole or nuts raining down from a walnut tree in a forgotten field.

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Reading Brooding Novels

Fall LeavesToday is one of those glorious fall days, with leaves outside my window turning magenta and burgundy, breezes brisk, school buses depositing chattering children, and chrysanthemums in full bloom. Autumn is my favorite time of year.

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