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It’s a Constant Adrenaline Rush

Emergency Room“Code Blue! CODE BLUE!”

A middle-aged woman with severe chest and back pains had been rushed to St. Joseph Hospital’s Emergency Room after a quick visit to Urgent Care and an ambulance ride. Initial blood pressure, temperature, and blood tests failed to show evidence of a heart attack, so she was given a Tylenol and wheeled into the ER’s socially-distanced, masked, and packed waiting room, where she waited. And waited. And waited.

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Lining up Story Possibilities

Picking RasberriesYesterday I went raspberry picking on a picturesque farm on a day when the sun was shining brightly and autumn breezes were warning that harsh weather is eminent. A month ago, ripe berries clustered on most branches and a gallon of them dropped into my bucket almost effortlessly.

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Hunters with a Flashlight

Writer and DogOld-timers had to be scavengers to survive. They lived off the land, finding joy in discovering a May flower hidden by a cluster of leaves or a special fishing hole or nuts raining down from a walnut tree in a forgotten field.

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