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Cedar Chips Writing Group Members Get Published

Cedar Chips Writing GroupIn my eyes, the Cedar Chips writing group has always consisted of winners–individuals dedicated to sharing their stories and improving their craft. Now we’ve learned that Writers’ Digest and its annual writing competition judges think so, too.

Jan Stagg placed in the humorous writing category for a heart-warming story about a disabled cat and Laura Moehrle won an honorable mention for inspirational writing.

A spin-off from Chelsea’s Adult Learners’ Institute, the CCs have been meeting faithfully with meCedars of Dexter at the Cedars of Dexter twice a month for the past six years. I am so proud and impressed at their professional growth. Two members are book-bound, with more on the way.

Laura Moehrle has an editor reviewing her memoir about a surprise pregnancy and her child’s adoption, and Fifth Avenue Press of Ann Arbor is publishing member Ginger Ford’s memoir chronicling her life-long struggles with polio and the post-polio syndrome.