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Jeff Daniels reflects on his theater’s twenty-fifth anniversary.

Jeff Daniels“This place was born the day twenty-two-year-old Jeff Daniels started his apprenticeship at the Circle Repertory Theatre Company in New York,” Guy Sanville says, sweeping his arm around the Purple Rose Theatre during a Casting Session rehearsal break. The artistic director removes his baseball hat and collapses onto a front-row seat. “Every time I sit in this theater, I think, ‘Look at what he’s done. Look at what we’ve made. All of us, working together.'”

This year, the Purple Rose Theatre Company started celebrating its twenty-fifth season as its founder, Chelsea native Jeff Daniels, turned sixty. In the past quarter-century, the theater has grown from an actor’s dream to a cultural landmark whose list of awards and honors runs to eight pages, single-spaced. The theater also accounts for an estimated $3.6 million annual economic impact on Washtenaw County.

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