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Rascal Makes Mischief on Mackinac Island

Rascal Makes Mischief on Mackinac IslandIllustrations by Darrin Brege.
Mitten Press, 2006.
Picture Book

Ben and his dog Rascal, with occasional help from brother Chip, get into trouble…lots of trouble. Both are full of that special curiosity found only in little boys and puppies. Together, they turn every day and every new experience into an adventure of epic proportions.

When his family decides that historic Mackinac Island is their summer vacation destination, mayhem is not far behind! Join Ben and his family as they explore the places that make the island memorable: ferry docks, the Grand Hotel, the Governor’s Mansion, and the fort. The island may never be the same again!


Actually, I have two boys who were legendary for the mischief they could generate as little boys. Often, true stories are the best stories, and these are only some of the tales we tell about our children and their dogs as they wiggled, raced, and rocketed through their childhood. When Ben read this book, he said, “I wasn’t this bad, was I?” I told him I had two dozen other adventures I could write about him. They are among the books on my To Do list.

Rascal Makes Mischief

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