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Oliver’s Travels: An Ohio Adventure

Oliver's Travels: An Ohio Adventure

Illustrations by Bruce Langton.
Mitten Press, 2012.
ISBN; 978-0-9855923-0-1
Chapter Book

“Oliver, I have something special for you,” Great-Uncle Tobias said in his creaky old squeak.

The very old mouse opened a dusty old chest, reached deep inside, and pulled out a stained piece of parchment—a map with mysterious symbols around its jagged edges. “Oliver,” he said, “This map is yours to keep…or to use.”

Award-winning author Cynthia Furlong Reynolds has woven a tail—woops, tale—of great adventures as Oliver pursues a treasure hunt to discover the interesting places, fascinating objects, and special creatures that belong to Ohio. This is the first in a series of books that will take Oliver through the Midwest on his quest. Oliver’s Travels fulfills educational objectives for grades 2-4.


I try hard to multi-task with my writing, combining fun with different kinds of learning. This book was written to meet Common Core standards for language and social studies. It was great fun to work with my illustrator friend Bruce Langton on a different type of book. His pen-and-ink sketches of Oliver show a jaunty young mouse as he undergoes a challenging series of adventures.

Oliver Travels: Ohio

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