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Metroparks For The People:
A History of the Huron-Clinton Metropark Authority

Metroparks for the PeopleHarbor Links Publishing, 2006.

This is the story of a beautiful land and its waters, wildlife, wilderness spots, and people.

Following the leisurely flow of two rivers that once served as a means of transportation for ancient peoples, the land forms a crescent around Detroit’s metropolitan area. It begins near the mouth of the Clinton River at Lake St. Clair, and then curves inland past Pontiac to the headwaters of the river. Jumping from lake to lake in a southwesterly direction, the crescent connects with the Huron River, whose waters meander more than one hundred miles down to Lake Erie.

Ornamenting the necklace of green spaces and blue waters are thirteen Metroparks created and operated by the Huron-Clinton Metropolitan Authority, founded at the height of the Depression as a self-renewing investment in the people and property of southeastern Michigan. This is the story of what happened to the land and its creatures, how a handful of people created a haven for all.


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