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Attending Prime Time Family Literacy Sessions

Prime Time Literacy ProgramA small boy waves his hand excitedly in the air—the first time he’s volunteered an answer in five weeks.

“I think this story is about friendship and how friends are people who pay attention to you and sit with you at lunch and give you chocolate chip cookies,” he announces, a big grin on his face. His listeners clap, his grin widens.

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Gig Olsen’s Secrets of a Long and Happy Life

Loss and Living OnI have just finished a program of WWII remembrances at a local women’s club when Luragay Olsen–known to all as “Gig”–touches my shoulder. “My first husband was a fighter pilot. He was shot down over Augsburg, Germany, at the end of the war,” she confides, teary-eyed.

For five years, I have known and admired this cheery, amazingly youthful nonagenarian. “Can we talk?” I ask.

She touches my hand. “Come see me. I’ll make fudge.”

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A family Black Friday tradition

Perfect TreeEarly on Black Friday morning, my family embarks on our annual pilgrimage to the woods, not the malls. Dressed in our oldest cold-weather clothes and boots, we wedge ourselves into the car with our kids, our dog, my parents, and an occasional girlfriend or boyfriend. Carols pour out of the radio as we meander through Washtenaw County’s back roads in search of the Perfect Tree.

Hats? Check. Gloves? Check. Hot chocolate? Muffins? Saw? Check. Check. Check.

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