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A golf course subdivision confronts developers who want to build on its fairways.

Loch AlpineAn army of white-haired dandelions marches across the greens at Ann Arbor Country Club, like the ghosts of long-gone golfers. Last autumn’s fallen leaves blow against the clubhouse’s locked front door. The grass on the once meticulously groomed fairways is now knee-high. Throughout summer’s hottest days, the pool yawns, empty. Tennis courts are cracked and netless.

“It hurts to see this,” says Peter Logan, president of the Loch Alpine Improvement Association (LAIA) and longtime AACC member, as he surveys the formerly pristine course. “The golf course predated our neighborhood, and most of us bought our homes here because we either liked the idea of living in a golf course community or at least liked the idea of having beautiful rolling green space in our neighborhood. Generations of young swimmers have trained in our pool–we’ve had some serious Olympic contenders start their careers here. But no more.”

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Three Veterans’ Stories

Last Memories of WWIIWashtenaw County’s Honor List of the men and women who died or disappeared during World War II includes names still familiar to our communities: Hafly, Heselschwerdt, Koch, Schaible, Schneider, Salter, Van Dyken, Vetter, Vocker, Volz, Webb, and White, among hundreds of others. Every veteran fortunate enough to return brought home important, and sometimes difficult, stories. Many didn’t share them for decades.

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Susan Lackey comes home to Chelsea.

Susan LackeyOne December day when Susan Lackey was about ten, she took a ride with her father, a farmer in western Michigan. As they passed a sign that read “Under it all is the land,” her father turned to her and said, “Don’t ever forget that. Life is all about the land.”

And she never has. “My career has been devoted to helping communities be the kind of places where people want to live, work, and play,” she says. That career ends June 30, and already a new chapter of her life is beginning to unfold.
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