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Won 8th Place for Journalism: Writer’s Digest Writing Contest

Ginger Ford

Ginger Ford

In Ginger Visel Ford’s earliest memory, she is four years old, running and squealing, with her brother Charlie at her heels. Just as he tags her, she ducks under sheets hanging on a clothesline. Winded and laughing, the children sprawl on sweet-smelling grass, listening to Mother sing, “Oh, What a Beautiful Morning.”

“My internal stopwatch freezes this moment like a scene in a movie,” she says. “I was the happiest girl on the planet. If only every day could bring such simple pleasures.”
But life had other plans. On a gray November day a few months later, Ginger woke with a raging fever, sore throat, and stiff neck. She spent a miserable day huddled by the family’s Kalamazoo woodstove in their farmhouse outside Dexter, Michigan. By nightfall, she was delirious, shivering with chills, begging for water.

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Cedar Chips Writing Group Members Get Published

Cedar Chips Writing GroupIn my eyes, the Cedar Chips writing group has always consisted of winners–individuals dedicated to sharing their stories and improving their craft. Now we’ve learned that Writers’ Digest and its annual writing competition judges think so, too.

Jan Stagg placed in the humorous writing category for a heart-warming story about a disabled cat and Laura Moehrle won an honorable mention for inspirational writing.
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Attending Prime Time Family Literacy Sessions

Prime Time Literacy ProgramA small boy waves his hand excitedly in the air—the first time he’s volunteered an answer in five weeks.

“I think this story is about friendship and how friends are people who pay attention to you and sit with you at lunch and give you chocolate chip cookies,” he announces, a big grin on his face. His listeners clap, his grin widens.

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