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Attending Prime Time Family Literacy Sessions

Prime Time Literacy ProgramA small boy waves his hand excitedly in the air—the first time he’s volunteered an answer in five weeks.

“I think this story is about friendship and how friends are people who pay attention to you and sit with you at lunch and give you chocolate chip cookies,” he announces, a big grin on his face. His listeners clap, his grin widens.

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In 1931, a mob threatened to avenge a quadruple murder.

Lynch LawThis 1931 Ann Arbor lynch mob photo –“iconic,” if ever there was an “iconic” photo of an Ann Arbor historical event–has suddenly turned up for sale on eBay, posted on a “Buy it Now” page, priced at $53.00. Unseen by local eyes for eighty-three years, it would be a pity if it were lost to us now.
~ Email from Wystan Stevens, December 2014.

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Expanding the Asian Horizon

One BowlOne Bowl, an Asian bistro at 1220 S. University, opened its doors (which actually face S. Forest), on July 6, in the deadest time of the year on campus. Owner Unyeon Choi bought the restaurant from her best friend, Kim Sunghee, after waitressing there for three years. She decided to continue the old Saigon Bistro menu for longtime customers who love Chinese food, but she added Korean, Japanese, and Vietnamese specialties as entrees–all served in large bowls.

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